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Why Altus?

Altus has been an established major in the real estate industry for more than two decades. We redevelop and market luxury properties and facilities around the world, always adding our touch: culture, lifestyle and design. 

We consider ourselves standard bearers of lifestyle and offer for each client a personalized and tailor-made service. 

We are looking for a new professional to join our team. A new real estate agent.

Who are we looking for?

You are the person for us if you have a positive attitude toward work, a person who always aims high and never gives up. You are pragmatic and forward-thinking and proactive. You know how to work in a team, but you can also take initiative.

What are the responsibilities?

As a real estate agent you will need to:

  • Research and acquire new clients
  • Manage the real estate brokerage for the rental and sale of properties
  • Mediate and find the right deal
  • Behaving responsibly

What do we offer?

  • You will be able to work in a prestigious work environment. Our team, with years of experience behind them, will know how to guide you and make you comfortable.
  • You will have the company’s software and means at your disposal: (personalized email, account on the company website)
  • Personal workstation on site
  • Opportunity to work with the most prestigious luxury portals
  • Marketing support: it will be easier for you to work, acquire and sell.
  • IT support

If I don't have experience?

Altus offers courses and classes for people starting from scratch and joining our team. If you think you are the right person contact us sending an email to the email address written at the bottom of the page. You will be able to learn more about various aspects of the profession and engage with our team.
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