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Altus Realty is a real estate company that has been enhancing the beauty and history surrounding us for years through luxury and aesthetics. Our goal is to
simplify the purchase and sale of properties and make them a unique experience for everyone, not a titanic feat. Relax and let yourself be guided by lifestyle ambassadors, focusing on what matters most – family, business, and future projects.

Altus Realty Real Estate combines the know-how and skills acquired in the real estate field. For years, we have been offering our clients luxury properties equipped with
all furnishings are entirely Made in Italy.

Our team comprises the best designers, interior designers, legal, tax, and financial consultants, and operates at our prestigious headquarters in Florence. We want to offer a tailor-made service for you and, above all, of the highest quality. Altus Realty also manages agreements with the best international banks, allowing you to open a bank account and obtain a tax code. Altus Realty represents the bespoke service in the luxury real estate field. We offer a personalized and detailed experience down to the smallest detail. We are ready to find the apartment, villa, castle, or mansion best fits you.

At Altus Realty, our dedicated professionals meticulously curate property selections, strategically positioning them within our target audience. To achieve this, we commit substantial resources to professional photography sessions, innovative marketing campaigns, and comprehensive communication strategies to optimize engagement and drive interest within our niche market.

One distinctive aspect of Altus Realty is our commitment to in-house expertise and resources, often managed externally by others in the industry. This approach allows us to provide an array of value-added services, including comprehensive geo-marketing studies, in-depth environmental and historical research, property potential and risk assessments, analyses concerning the structural development of real estate, and short-term investment profitability.

Our unwavering commitment to transparency, objectivity, professionalism, and efficiency underpins our success at Altus Realty. These principles are deeply ingrained in the work ethic of our directors and staff. We prioritize transparency in client interactions, ensuring their peace of mind, offering them absolute certainty, and safeguarding their privacy and confidentiality with the utmost discretion.

Pasquale Cataldi

Chairman & Founder

Maria Sidelnikova

Chief Marketing Officer



Piazza della Repubblica, 6, Firenze


Via Alfredo Campanini, 12, Milano


Via Duomo, 8, 37121, Verona, VR


Via del Corso, 4, 00187, Roma, RM

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